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haha wow been awhile since i've been on this...
who uses lj anymore?? LOLLL

it's been THREE years since i've touched this site! wow! so many things have happened in the past three years.  I've learned a lot of things, lost and gained many friends, and went through many turmoils (however minor or major is really up to you to decide...)...to each his own, right?

once college began, i stopped reading quite as many books. actually, that's a lie. i've stopped reading. i only read during the summer, if that. that's quite depressing. i love reading.

reading past entries made me laugh and sad. my life was so...carefree then.  what i thought was HUGE in HS turned out to be all but important or life-changing.

i'm still friends with my HS friends.
i haven't thought about prom. if anything, it comes up VERY briefly. in the past 3 years, i think the most we spent on the topic of prom was like....15 minutes. now THAT is depressing - what a waste of MONEY!! haha :P
i still do the same things when i come home for breaks.

after being in boston, i realized how much of an LA girl i really am. i didn't think i was, but i definitely need the beach, sun, warm weather, and the laid back nature of everyone.  i also have a lot of fun in NYC, but it's quite dirty.

finals are coming up...i'm very nervous. too many of my grades are on the line and depending on my finals :( well, anyway, i guess i should catch up on sleep, but i'm so stressed these days. this semester was THE WORST. WAY too many things blindsighted me and left me more damaged....and i'm so wary of people now. i've withdrawn bit by bit throughout the semester and now...i can see how i've changed within the last 4 months. how sad is that? i know i'll never fully recover and stuff, but i really do hope that i bounce back 99%. here's to hoping though....
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so i have finally graduated.

graduation was not that long, but it was definitely too hot to be sitting outside. thank god the girls had roses 'cause i used them for shade. without them,
i think i would've gotten a worse burn/tan.

the feeling of leaving hadn't even made me sad during graduation because..... of the heat. all i could think of was, why is it so hot?

anyway, after graduation was hectic.

after finding my parents, i took a ton of pictures with anyone and everyone i could find.

that was fun.

then megan n i went to her house.
then went to jamba n chipotle.
omg, citrus squeeze is so disgusting. the aftertaste is like vomit.
afterwards, we changed into some comfortable clothes n went to rent a movie.
then went over to carona's house and watched half of it.
then we all went back to megan's house where bass picked us up.
then went to school, met people.
afterwards, we went to jamba.....again.
had OJ.
then went back to school
met up with stephanie
then went to roller rink
had fun there

after a lot of deliberation
went to ice kiss.

damn, people do NOT know how to give directions.
LOL, bass is so fuckin' hilarious
"use the fuckin' street signs. that's what they're for"
"if they don't want to be picked up, i can do that"

omg, megan and i were going crazy in bass's car.
we cracked up like no other.
carona n bass kept saying that i was drunk
but i didn't have anything to drink.
...now that i think about it, i don't really remmeber much of what megan n i laughed about.

arrived at ice kiss.
everyone split into different tables.
saw some cute guys.
laughed our asses off.
then stephanie n i went back home after saying our goodbyes.

quote of the day:

"you showed me how you can be drunk without drinking alcohol"  - bass

okay so now, after waking up, i feel like i have to mature a lot.

i found out my roommates and....i have to admit, i'm a bit nervous.

oh well, i have the entire summer to change....

ah, yesterday was so tiring, but so fun.

i guess i'm not going to see a lot of people over summer
so bye bye! :D

ah, i'm sorry that chino could not make it. :( it would've been fun.

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i know he's the one when he can make me forget my apathy......

oh man, he's been invading my thoughts.....

oh damn,
there were so many hot guys in X-MEN 3. WTF, where ARE these guys in MY life? lol
what the hell...they don't have Tinman listed in the cast & credits. WTF, he was HOT! ARGH.
okay so the hot guys...
[i'll put up pics later]

scott summers.
ice man
tin man

and i LOVE jean grey...she's THE best. level 5, i tell ya. AND she gets TWO hot guys vying for her affection
what's not to love? lol

BUT DAMMIT, i HATED the ENDING! argh....

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wow. prom itself was better than i had expected, but afterprom was horrible


and i ranted and ranted about it to certain people, who completely agreed with my POV.
i don't know why, but i was completely disappointed in a few of them.
i guess i had expected more, but then, as i think of it, i wonder why i expected better of them.

and yes, as many people put it, it was a night that separated the irresponsible from the responsible. and no, i'm not speaking of the people
who didn't have an opportunity to drink cause some of them were irresponsible and illogical even without the drinks.

i'm getting distracted ... but i agree with minah's xanga entry. all of it.

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as I was looking at some One Tree Hill icons/avatars, it hit me that I hadn't even bothered to watch the season finale.


what was I thinking yesterday?! that could've been the last episode EVER and i missed it!

it makes me sad.

i remember when One Tree Hill was the thing I was most obsessed about.

I love it still, but my priorities have gotten mixed up.

Yea, it's strange saying that watching One Tree Hill was a priority, but I'm speaking more of when I didn't care this much about guys
other trivial things.

it makes me sad thinking about how much I've changed.

It disgusts me how boy-crazy I am .... coughcough.

It's really upsetting.

I wish I could turn back time and stay friends with my guy friends and not let life get into the way, aka drift apart.

It's not like i can help it either.

My mind subconsciously seeks him out.

I don't need this.

I can't wait until grad night.

Prom will be over.

APs will have been over for quite some time.

And all we'd have to do is wait for graduation.


I'm excited for grad night. ;D

Anyway, I hope college is different.

Different guys.

Different lifestyle.

Different people + teachers.

i'm sad about leaving HS, but it hasn't really hit me yet.

i'm more eager to attend college...

i guess it'll hit me really hard later...

during graduation...i think

and i'll cry a lot. -__________-

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christina milian - AM to PM
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today was so fun and tiring. :)

didn't know that i would be dancing so much. LOL. ;D

prom is totally stressing me out.

anyway, other than that, today was a chill day.

omg, something good happened to me today! ;D haha. ah, we cleared everything up...i think....errrr MAYBE everything.

if only it'd come out the way i wanted. =I

oh well, better than nothing!

anyway, i forgot what else i was going to write about............ so ciao~!

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wow, today was a crappy day.

i hated it. i hated every second of it, besides praise.

i'm hoping that tomorrow's a much, MUCH better day.

omg, tomorrow BETTER be a better day.

anyway, imma be fundraising for RC again, so PLEASE buy korean snacks from me!!! :D

yesterday was very relaxing and fun. ben n will oppas and i had fun walking around the mall. lol.

yea, yea, i'm thankful i have an oppa like him. :)

OMFG, i'm so tired of prom. prom can kiss my ass now.

i'm tired of thinking about:

1. prom date
2. prom DRESS
3. SHOES to match the fuckin' dress
4. DRESS COLOR cause you know, i don't have things easy like that. it comes in the style or the COLOR, but NOT both!!!!
10. make-up [okay, this i haven't thought of, but i'm sure i will soon...]
11. DIET...weight loss...whatever..................... FOR PROM

argh, i'm tired of thinking about prom.

prom's so fuckin' stressful.

you know, i'm only looking forward to AFTERPROM now....

sooooooooooooooooo much STRESS~!

OMFG, i will KILL ZADEH. does it LOOK like i want to STUDY for stat finals?! WTF, man, that teacher's an ass.

okay, tired of ranting about my day......lol......worries, etc. bleh. 

...just have to add this...
ONE thing that made me happy today:

epik high - paris FINALLY works on my mp3. that totally made my day, but




YEA. okay.

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pissed off crappy day
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today was the last day before SPRING BREAK.

it didn't feel like it, since all my teachers seemed to want to DO SOMETHING -- write essays, take tests, TALK for the ENTIRE PERIOD [coughZADEHcough!], etc. omg, it was boring.



if you don't know, then uh...sorry, i can't delve into details. >.<

omg. LOOK at that pic. OMFG. WHO DOES THAT LOOK LIKE?!

LOL. that was THE ONLY pic i could find where they resembled each other in the slightest sense. LOL. okay, but i think the guy from SCHOOL is CUTER than BI. LMAO. okay, okay, I might be a little biased, but still!

Anyway, yea, the events of today made my day!

1. eye contact
2. the shy, yet awkward hi
3. lunch
4. afterschool
5. eye contact from the car

OMG. megan and minah say i see him everywhere, and i realized that i do! omg. i don't even MEAN TO. LOL

anyway, my mp3 doesn't work! I waited all week for it too! T_T i'm sad.


i went to work today. i was allowed to teach the fourth graders. wow. they're so hyper.

highlights of work:

1. first thing the kids greet me with: "do you have a boyfirend?"

2. "you're short."
get on their knees
"now you're taller than me!" -_-v lol.

3. "can i go pee pee?"
... "can i go wee wee?"
me: "no, say it properly. it's may i go to the restroom?"
"can i go pee?"
"can i go relieve my bladder?"
on and on. LOL.

4. "you're really nice. you didnt' give us any warnings!"

5. kid who looks like kimono. all the little boys LOVED me. >.< the girls were quiet. overall, it was great!

that's all for now.


THANK GOD! and yet, not, because I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much homework! do the teachers really expect us to do the homework? MY GOSH! LOL

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bi - to you
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I think today has been one of the best days of senior year.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't THAT much different, but today was a day that I realized how wonderful my friends are, and who exactly is a friend. It didn't dawn on me today, but what happened today just confirmed my beliefs.

Anyway, today was so fun -- Rite Aid (finding NOTHING there), El Gelato or Al Gelato (getting confused by the bill), and lunch at school. lol. Wow, lunch at school was really fun today. I never laughed so much during lunch before. Okay, I have...a few times, but today, I was laughing ALL of lunch.

OMG. 3 people pinched me at the same time! my goodness! man, it's going down, bitches! LMAO! haha. Seriously, today was so fun and carefree. I loved it. I seriously need more days like this.

Anyway, how I realized who exactly I consider my friend, not just an acquiantance, was by looking around the table and seeing who was laughing, who was not paying attention, who was just not there at all, etc. I mean, I consider everyone at the table a friend, except maybe that krn f.o.b. who rejected carona. LMAO! omg, megan and i were cracking up so much ..... gae ee leum ddeh meh. lmao. ddong. hahahahha. omg.

Okay, fine, I take it back. Not who my friend is, but who I consider a close friend, and yea, from there, who is closer than others.... blah blah blah.

Today is just one of those days I look around and smile broadly.  Yea, I'm thankful for everyone and everything, really.  I've been through a lot and, a few of you know, I've had a lot of shit, but I'm still here and thankful.

Okay, yea, I still can't believe how slowly I'm losing weight or how much I'm not losing....BUT megan and I have come to the conclusion that it's not my fault i'm fat/chubby/notskinny, but my parents'. Okay, not really THEIR fault, but the whole Asian mentality. "There are people in North Korea who are starving to death and you complain about not being able to finish your food? FINISH YOUR FOOD!" "There are people in Africa who would kill to eat like you and eat this food. So be thankful and EAT THE REST OF YOUR FOOD!"
lmao. lmao.

Like I told Megan, "Can I ship it to the Africans? I don't wanna eat it." LMAO! hahaha.

Anyway, tomorrow is a short day! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!! Where should we go? Oh wait, I plan everything. LMAO. Okay, so where should weeeeeeee go? LOL. uhhhhhhhhh, I have NOOOOOOOOOOOOO clue. We'll see what happens. lol.

Damn, I hate spending so much money on food. BLEh.!

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Oh wow. I'm so POed right now.

I'm not going to explain why i'm POed.

But I'm so POed that I'm ready to leave.

You know what? FUCK IT. that's right, FUCK IT.

She's such a bitch. Man, I don't need to take this shit. Fuck prom, fuck grad night, fuck everything.


MAN, life has a way of turning out to be a bitch, huh?

Life bites.

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